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The Official Vehicle of Y2K
By Declan McCullagh
March 24, 1999

Planning to flee your riot-plagued city when Y2K hits? Worried about looters lying in wait on the highway? Or do you just feel the urge to rumble down to the 7-11 at night to pick up some milk -- in an armored vehicle?

Fear not. James Wesley Rawles has the perfect solution.


The veteran survivalist and author of a new civilization-is-about-to-collapse novel is willing to part with his British Ferret Armored Scout Car. The price tag? Just $23,000 -- gold or silver preferred.

But wait! The 1960-vintage vehicle is "is fully armored, and has a 360-degree traversing armored turret." Seats two: Driver and gunner. Street legal, with horn and taillights. Full-time four wheel drive. 15" ground clearance. Spare driver and gunner periscopes --for when your primary ones get shot out by the bandits.

"It will go just about anywhere, and is sure to intimidate its way through any looter roadblock. Weighs approximately six tons," brags Rawles, who posted an ad yesterday on Y2K discussion groups.

Rawles is particularly proud of the belt-fed Browning M1919A4 semi-auto included with the deal. It comes with 2,500 rounds of armor-piercing .30-06 ammo -- a much deadlier round than the .223 bullets your enemies are likely to be sending your way.

Reason for selling? Rawles bought the Ferret to escape "high risk" California in the event of a crisis. But since he's moving to his rural Tennessee retreat soon in time for Y2K, he'll no longer need it.

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