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washington-monument-night / Washington monument at night viewed from Lincoln Memorial

sleeping-passenger / Sleeping passenger on Amtrak train northbound from Washington

christmas-tree / Christmas tree in Union Station

christmas-wreath / Christmas wreath in Union Station

lincoln-memorial-wide / Wide view of Lincoln Memorial at night

lincoln-memorial-night / Lincoln Memorial at night

lincoln-monument / Monument to Abraham Lincoln inside the memorial building

washington-monument-lincoln / Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial columns

lincoln-memorial-ceiling / Ceiling of Lincoln memorial

abraham-lincoln / Statue of Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln Memorial

american-university-campus / American University campus in the spring

dc-elephant / Mottled, multi-colored DC elephant at American University

tiger-pacing-1 / Tiger pacing in National Zoo

tiger-pacing-2 / Tiger pacing in National Zoo

winter-jogger / Winter jogger on city street

national-zoo-winter / Bottom of National Zoo in the winter

colorful-homes / Colorful row homes in Adams Morgan

duke-ellington-bridge-snow / Duke Ellington bridge overlooking Rock Creek in the snow

woodley-park / Woodley Park neighborhood during a light snowfall

woodley-park-metro / Woodley Park metro station during a light snowfall

omni-shoreham / Omni Shoreham hotel during a light snowfall

volkswagen-beetle / Volkswagen beetle during a light snowfall

defeat-bush / Defeat Bush bumper sticker

dog-snowstorm / Cold, miserable dog left outside in a snowstorm

rosa-cleaners / Rosa's Cleaners

black-tie-and-boots-inaugural-ball / Black Tie and Boots inaugural ball

jack-krumholtz / Microsoft lobbyist Jack Krumholtz

union-station-arch / Arch in Union Station

union-station-inauguration / Union Station draped in flags for 2005 inauguration

union-station-plaza / Small park called Union Station Plaza after snowfall

capitol-dome-constitution-avenue / Capitol dome viewed from Constitution Avenue

capitol-building-inauguration / U.S. Capitol building outfitted for 2005 inauguration

capitol-building-presidential-inauguration / U.S. Capitol building outfitted for 2005 inauguration after snow

capitol-building-inauguration-bleachers / Bleachers by U.S. Capitol building outfitted for 2005 inauguration

capitol-building-inauguration-snow / Snow around U.S. Capitol building prepared for 2005 inauguration

george-w-bush-inauguration / Preparations for George W. Bush's 2005 inauguration

2005-inauguration / 2005 inauguration preparations at U.S. Capitol dome

capitol-statue-snow / Snow-covered statue around 3rd St. by Capitol building

national-mall-skier-1 / Skier on National Mall braving blowing snow

national-mall-skier-2 / Skier on National Mall braving blowing snow

2005-inauguration-fences / Fences guarding U.S. Capitol building from the public during the inauguration

national-gallery-of-art / National Gallery of Art

federal-trade-commission-headquarters / Federal Trade Commission headquarters building

ftc-headquarters / FTC headquarters building

national-archives / National Archives building

justice-department-headquarters / Justice Department's "Main Justice" headquarters building

solicitor-general-office / Solicitor General's office showing government efficiency at its best: sidewalk not shoveled

fbi-headquarters-building / FBI headquarters building

fbi-headquarters-flags / Flags on FBI headquarters building

j-edgar-hoover-building / J. Edgar Hoover FBI headquarters building

fbi-headquarters / FBI headquarters building

spy-museum / International Spy Museum

italian-greyhound-portrait / Italian greyhound portait

italian-greyhound-pair / Pair of Italian greyhounds

italian-greyhound-puppies / Pair of Italian greyhounds

grape / Red grape cluster

red-grapes / Cluster of red grapes

lemon-closeup / Lemon closeup against black background

lemon-slice / Lemon slice against white background

lemon / Lemon against white background

lemon-rind / Lemon rind against black background

gouda-cheese / Gouda cheese

cheese-roll / Roll of sliced Gouda cheese

gouda / Slice of Gouda cheese

cheese-rind / Gouda cheese rind

olive-assortment / Assortment of olives

olives / Assortment of olives

green-olive / A green olive

olives-closeup / Closeup of assorted olives

almonds-assortment / Assortment of almonds

almond / An almond

almonds / Almonds

almonds-closeup / Closeup of almonds

kidney-beans-assortment / Assortment of kidney beans

kidney-beans / Kidney beans

kidney-beans-on-white / Kidney beans on white background

kidney-beans-closeup / Closeup of Kidney beans

apple-closeup / Closeup of apple

apple-on-white / Apple on white background

apple-on-black / Apple on black background

red-apple / Red apple

honeycomb-texture / Metal honeycomb texture

jack-krumholtz / Jack Krumholtz, Microsoft lobbyist and director of federal government affairs

snowmobile-tracks / Snowmobile tracks on frozen lake

winter-scenery-ontario-1 / Winter scenery in central Ontario

snowmobile-trail-ontario / Snowmobile trail in central Ontario

trees-and-snow-1 / Trees and snow in central Ontario

trees-and-snow-2 / Trees and snow in central Ontario

winter-landscape-ontario-1 / Central Ontario winter landscape

winter-landscape-ontario-2 / Central Ontario winter landscape

muskoka-winter-scenery-1 / Muskoka winter scenery

muskoka-winter-scenery-2 / Muskoka winter scenery

trillium-resort-and-spa / Trillium resort and spa main lodge

trillium-cabin / Cabin at Trillium resort

trillium-trees-1 / Trees along main path of Trillum resort and spa

trillium-trees-2 / Trees along main path of Trillum resort and spa

trillium-dog / Dog that inhabits Trillium resort grounds

central-ontario-winter-scenery / Central Ontario winter scenery

snow-and-rocks / Snow and rocks in central Ontario

deep-snow / Deep snow in central Ontario

winter-trees-ontario / Winter trees in central Ontario

frozen-lake / Frozen lake near Trillium resort

andrews-air-force-base / Andrews Air Force Base, with Air Force One hangar the white building in the lower right of airfield

alexandria-waterfront / Alexandria waterfront viewed from above

chuck-schumer / Sen. Chuck Schumer being interviewed by security barricades outside Dirksen office building

congressional-internet-caucus-reception / Reception for Congressional Internet Caucus in Dirksen Senate building

symbol-technologies-rfid / Two representatives from Symbol Technologies trying to sell RFID tags to federal government at Internet Caucus reception

symbol-rfid-executives / Tim Heffernan, Brian Lehmann, Greg Clawson from Symbol Technologies demonstrating RFID tags at Internet Caucus reception

kodak-wifi-easyshare-camera / Kodak WiFi-equipped Easyshare camera at Internet Caucus reception

ebay-internet-caucus / eBay's booth at Internet Caucus reception

craig-mundie-microsoft / Craig Mundie, Microsoft chief technology officer, at Business Software Alliance event

bsa-cto-gathering / Chief technology officers from Business Software Alliance companies, with Robert Holleyman on right

park-avenue / Park Avenue, near 73rd Street

the-gates / The Gates art exhibit in Central Park

orange-gates / The Gates art exhibit in Central Park

christo-and-jeanne-claude / Christo and Jeanne Claude exhibit in Central Park

orange-central-park-gates / Orange Central Park gates, by Christo and Jeanne-Claude

the-gates-central-park-1 / The Gates in Central Park, art project by Christo and Jeanne-Claude

the-gates-central-park-2 / The Gates in Central Park, art project by Christo and Jeanne-Claude

the-gates-new-york / The Gates in Central Park, art project by Christo and Jeanne-Claude

the-gates-new-york-city / The Gates in Central Park, art project by Christo and Jeanne-Claude

the-gates-central-park-3 / The Gates in Central Park, art project by Christo and Jeanne-Claude

the-gates-in-central-park / The Gates in Central Park, art project by Christo and Jeanne-Claude

the-gates-orange-fabric / Orange fabric used in the Gates art project in Central Park

the-gates-art-project / The Gates art project in Central Park by Christo and Jeanne-Claude

the-gates-jogger / Jogger in the Gates art project in Central Park

the-gates-archway / The Gates archways in Central Park

orange-gates-central-park / Orange gates in Central Park, an art project by Christo and Jeanne-Claude

the-gates-roadway / The Gates in Central Park along roadway

the-gates-metropolitan-museum / The Gates in back of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

metropolitan-museum-gates-reflection / Reflection of Christo and Jeanne-Claude's The Gates in back of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

the-gates-fabric-1 / Orange fabric used in Christo and Jeanne-Claude's The Gates in Central Park

the-gates-fabric-2 / Orange fabric used in Christo and Jeanne-Claude's The Gates in Central Park

the-gates-midtown-manhattan / Midtown Manhattan framed by The Gates, art installation by Christo and Jeanne-Claude

cleopatra-needle / Cleopatra's Needle in Central Park

mary-graydon-center / Mary Graydon Center at American University

american-university-fair / Spring fair at American University

american-university-flowerbed / Flowerbed at American University


Declan McCullagh is a photographer who lives and works in San Francisco, California. His photographs are available for licensing and for purchase as signed custom prints.

Photographs and text are copyright © 1989-2007 by Declan McCullagh. All rights reserved. Privacy policy. General licensing information.

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