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microsoft-speech-recognition / The light grey rectangle in the center of this photograph activates the speech recognition system in this Microsoft Windows-outfitted Hummer H2

ti-ipod-car-interface / Texas Instruments' iPod car interface at Convergence 2004 conference

microsoft-hummer-xbox / Microsoft Automotive-equipped Hummer H2 with Xbox in the back at Convergence 2004 conference

ipod-car-interface / iPod Car interface, manufactured by Peripheral Electronics, at Convergence 2004 conference

bmw-roadster / BMW roadster on display at Convergence 2004 conference

smart-tire / "Smart" tire outfitted with internal air pressure sensor at Convergence 2004 conference

yakazi-power-data-car-network / Yazaki's "optimized power and data network" on frame of a Pontiac at Convergence 2004 conference

networked-car / The wire-strewn innards of a well-networked car at Convergence 2004 conference

fujitsu-fingerprint-reader / Fujitsu fingerprint reader with software from Cogent Systems

nick-donofrio-ibm / Nick Donofrio, IBM vice president, gives keynote speech at Convergence 2004 conference

convergence-2004-conference / Convergence 2004 conference

racing-porsche / Porsche outfitting with racing trim at Convergence 2004 conference

delphi-xm-skyfi2 / Delphi booth with XM Skyfi2 satellite radio at Convergence 2004 conference

convergence-2004-panel / Panel at Convergence 2004 conference

daimler-chrysler-telematics-software / Daimler-Chrysler telematics software platform

microsoft-automotive-hummer / Microsoft Automotive Hummer at "Convergence 2004" conference

mario-andretti / Racing legend Mario Andretti signing autographs at "Convergence 2004" conference

robotics-competition / Robotics competition at "Convergence 2004" conference

ftc-email-authentication-summit-conference / Federal Trade Commission email authentication conference

john-levine / John Levine at FTC email authentication conference

dave-crocker / Dave Crocker of Brandenburg InternetWorking at FTC email authentication conference

jim-fenton / Jim Fenton of Cisco at FTC email authentication conference

miles-libbey / Miles Libbey of Yahoo at FTC email authentication conference

annalee-newitz / Annalee Newitz of EFF at FTC email authentication conference

ray-everett-church / Ray Everett-Church of ePrivacy Consulting at FTC email authentication conference

paula-bruening / Paula Bruening of Center for Democracy and Technology at FTC email authentication conference

john-kenny-hunger-strike / John Kenny, who claimed to be on a hunger strike to protest electronic voting machines

black-box-voting-press-conference / Black Box Voting press conference to criticize electronic voting machines

bev-harris / Bev Harris of Black Box Voting at press conference critical of e-voting machines

electronic-voting-machine-press-conference / Press conference to criticize electronic voting machines

thatched-huts / Thatched huts about an hour outside of Johannesburg

pair-of-nude-legs / Pair of nude legs

sculpted-man / Sculpted man


Declan McCullagh is a photographer who lives and works in San Francisco, California. His photographs are available for licensing and for purchase as signed custom prints.

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