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Photos from West Virginia


photographer-self-portrait / Self-portrait of the photographer by shadow, near sunset

shenandoah / A view from Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah park

shenandoah-river-view / Shenandoah river view from Skyline Drive

west-virginia-farms / View of West Virginia's gentle, rural landscape, taken from Skyline Drive near Shenandoah river

west-virginia-sunset / Trees and West Virginia hills, taken from Skyline Drive near Shenandoah river

west-virginia-wall / Wall at sunset along Skyline Drive near Shenandoah river

wva-barn / A farm in the West Virginia hills about 100 miles west of Washington

wva-tree / A tree highlighted by clouds on a West Virginia mountain


Declan McCullagh is a photographer who lives and works in San Francisco, California. His photographs are available for licensing and for purchase as signed custom prints.

Photographs and text are copyright © 1989-2007 by Declan McCullagh. All rights reserved. Privacy policy. General licensing information.

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