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Photos from Tozeur, Tunisia


desert-rose / Desert rose, made of gypsum crystals and sand, and found in the Sahara and southwestern United States

downtown-tozeur / Downtown Tozeur, shopping district

fresh-dates-for-sale / Fresh dates for sale in medina, just block from the Palmeraie where they're grown

man-riding-moped / Man riding moped, a popular way to travel around Tunisia's more rural areas

metal-plates / Thin metal plates, hand-made by local artisans

olives-for-sale / Olives for sale in Tozeur's medina

sahara-desert-golf-course / Bizarre but true: the Sahara Desert is being reclaimed for a golf course

sofitel-palm-beach-berber-tent / A supposedly authentic Berber tent set up for late-night socializing outside Sofitel Palm Beach Hotel

sofitel-palm-beach-hotel / Sofitel Palm Beach Hotel, a stunning of Western design but, alas, Tunisian-style service

sofitel-palm-beach-hotel-interior / Vast and remarkable interior of Sofitel Palm Beach Hotel, but, alas, the front desk clerks are still surly

sofitel-palm-beach-hotel-pool / Pool in Sofitel Palm Beach Hotel

tozeur-carpet-store / One way or another, you'll probably end up at a carpet store like this one off the main street

tozeur-main-shopping-district / Main shopping district in Tozeur

tozeur-main-street / Main street in downtown Tozeur

tozeur-market / Main market in Tozeur

tozeur-medina-door / Door in the medina in Tozeur

tozeur-medina-walls / High walls of the medina in Tozeur

tozeur-pottery / Pottery in Tozeur

tozeur-suburban-home / Not everyone in Tozeur lives in a cramped dwelling -- this magnificent entry leads to a home apparently owned by Italian expatriates

tozeur-textiles / Textiles and pottery on sale in Tozeur


Declan McCullagh is a photographer who lives and works in San Francisco, California. His photographs are available for licensing and for purchase as signed custom prints.

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