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Photos from Paris, France


anti-abortion-protest-le-genocide / Anti-abortion protest with sign "Le Genocide Franco-Francais"

antique-booksellers-along-seine / Antique booksellers along Seine river

avenue-des-champs-elysees-night / Avenue des Champs Elysees at night

boy-chasing-pigeons / Boy chasing pigeons

candles-on-display / Candles on display, available to be lit in Notre Dame Cathedral

eiffel-tower-from-below / View from immediately below the Eiffel Tower

institut-de-france-french-academy / Pedestrians on Pont des Arts, with the Institut de France, home to the French Academy, in the distance

memorial-de-la-deportation / Interior of the Memorial de la Deportation, a monument to Jews and other supposed undesirables deported by the French during the Nazi occupation

notre-dame-cathedral-front / Front facade of Notre Dame cathedral

notre-dame-cathedral-interior / Interior of Notre Dame cathedral, built over a period of a century starting in 1163

notre-dame-cathedral-stained-glass-window / Stained glass window in Notre Dame cathedral

notre-dame-flying-buttresses / East view of Notre Dame cathedral, with the flying buttresses visible

notre-dame-front-facade / Front facade of Notre Dame cathedral

notre-dame-west-front-tympana / West front tympana (plural for tympanum) of Notre Dame Cathedral, depicting the Last Judgment

paris-street-pigeons / Pigeons flocking along Paris street

pont-d-iena-eiffel-tower / View of Eiffel Tower and Pont D'Iena

pont-des-arts / Pedestrians crossing Pont des Arts

pont-des-arts-eiffel-tower / Pont des Arts bridge with Eiffel Tower in distance

pont-des-arts-passerelle-des-arts / Pont des Arts, also called Passerelle des Arts, as sunset nears

pont-des-arts-pedestrian-bridge / Parisians crossing Pont des Arts, a famous pedestrian bridge built in 1804

pont-des-arts-seine / Pedestrians on Pont des Arts, built in 1804 to bridge the Seine river, in late-autumn light

pont-des-arts-sunset / Pont des Arts bridge at sunset

seine-river-quay / North quay along the Seine River in Paris

underneath-eiffel-tower / From underneath the Eiffel Tower looking straight up you'll see a green-and-metal, almost geometric perspective


Declan McCullagh is a photographer who lives and works in San Francisco, California. His photographs are available for licensing and for purchase as signed custom prints.

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