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Photos from Muskoka, Canada


central-ontario-winter-scenery / Central Ontario winter scenery

deep-snow / Deep snow in central Ontario

frozen-lake / Frozen lake near Trillium resort

muskoka-winter-scenery-1 / Muskoka winter scenery

muskoka-winter-scenery-2 / Muskoka winter scenery

snow-and-rocks / Snow and rocks in central Ontario

snowmobile-tracks / Snowmobile tracks on frozen lake

snowmobile-trail-ontario / Snowmobile trail in central Ontario

trees-and-snow-1 / Trees and snow in central Ontario

trees-and-snow-2 / Trees and snow in central Ontario

trillium-cabin / Cabin at Trillium resort

trillium-dog / Dog that inhabits Trillium resort grounds

trillium-resort-and-spa / Trillium resort and spa main lodge

trillium-trees-1 / Trees along main path of Trillum resort and spa

trillium-trees-2 / Trees along main path of Trillum resort and spa

winter-landscape-ontario-1 / Central Ontario winter landscape

winter-landscape-ontario-2 / Central Ontario winter landscape

winter-scenery-ontario-1 / Winter scenery in central Ontario

winter-trees-ontario / Winter trees in central Ontario


Declan McCullagh is a photographer who lives and works in San Francisco, California. His photographs are available for licensing and for purchase as signed custom prints.

Photographs and text are copyright © 1989-2007 by Declan McCullagh. All rights reserved. Privacy policy. General licensing information.

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