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Photos from Los Angeles, California


dem-convention-1 / View of Democratic National Convention from high up in Staples Center

dem-convention-2 / Wolf Blitzer of CNN does stand-up from Democratic National Convention

dem-convention-3 / Frank, the beloved and undeniably weird alleged alien abductee, serving drinks to press in the media lounge at the Democratic National Convention

dem-convention-4 / During prime time, when the Democratic National Convention floor is crowded, the dot com companies are nowhere to be found

dem-convention-5 / Forget iMacs. United showed up at the Democratic National Convention with terminals unchanged for decades

dem-convention-6 / booth at the Democratic National Convention

dem-convention-7 / Wayne Madsen giving finger to Democratic National Convention by standing in front of projector throwing image on side of nearby Staples Center

dem-protests-1 / Policemen running alongside protesters in downtown Los Angeles

dem-protests-2 / Protesters ascending hill by world trade center

dem-protests-3 / Masked activist

dem-protests-4 / Police lining up to protect ARCOCenter as protesters complain about Al Gore's oil ties

dem-protests-5 / Police march in step along Grand avenue, note odd green gun

dem-protests-6 / Police march in step along Grand avenue, note cannisters, perhaps tear gas

dem-protests-7 / LAPD with nonlethal weapon used to break up concert

dem-protests-8 / Delegates trying to leave Staples Center through gap in fence lined by reasonably well-behaved protesters

staples-center-1 / Miles of steel-and-concrete barricades make Los Angeles look like Beirut

staples-center-2 / takes over the side of a building next to the Staples Center

staples-center-3 / Band outside the Staples Center


Declan McCullagh is a photographer who lives and works in San Francisco, California. His photographs are available for licensing and for purchase as signed custom prints.

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