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Photos from Anguilla, British West Indies


amber-villa / Amber at the villa

anguilla-conferencegoer / Another FC'00 conferencegoer

anguilla-payphone / Anguillan pay phone

boat-shore / Boat washed up on shore near Sandy Ground

boattrip1 / Fearghas McKay on Bob Hettinga's boat

boattrip2 / On the boat near Little Bay

boattrip3 / On the boat near Little Bay

boattrip4 / On the boat near Little Bay

derek-boat / Derek on the boat

duncan-boat / Duncan swimming near Little Bay

dune-cook / Cook at the Dune during beach party

dune-party / Beach party at the Dune during the conference

faceoff / Party at the villa

flower / Oleander flower overlooking Sandy Ground

goat-at-the-top / A free goat at the top of the world

hair-villa / Hair braiding at the villa

hettinga-boat-crew / Carol on Bob Hettinga's boat dropping anchor

homeless-dog / Fleabitten, tumor-ridden, homeless, friendly dog in Sandy Ground, albeit with some scanning problems

homeless-dog-2 / Fleabitten, tumor-ridden, homeless, friendly dog in Sandy Ground

ian-villa / Ian Goldberg at the villa

laundry-road / Laundry by the side of the road

little-bay / Little Bay itself, with some wonderful reefs underwater

lv-1 / Lucky and Vicky at dinner

lv-2 / Lucky and Vicky at dinner

night-view / Night view from villa

ornery-goat / An ornery Anguillan goat

paul-holman / Paul Holman in Anguilla

red-boat / Weathered red boat

relaxing-water / Steven Talcott Smith of the IBUC Bearer Boat

road-goat / A goat by the side of the road

sameer-smile / Sameer Parekh dazedly smiling at a beach party

sameer-villa / Sameer Parekh at the villa

sandy-ground / Overlooking Sandy Ground bay

sandy-ground-2 / Bush overlooking Sandy Ground bay

sound-eqipment / Loading the sound equipment into the truck the day after the party

stefan-brands / Stefan Brands at the villa

sunday-mass / On their way to Sunday mass

taking-photo / Taking a photo of a photo -- it's kind of recursive

victoria-profile / Victoria

villa-1 / More villa people

villa-2 / More villa people

villa-3 / More villa people

villa-backview / Rear view of villa

villa-departing / About to leave the villa

villa-frontview / Villa Pool

villa-living-room / The villa downstairs living room

villa-machinery / Odd rusting machinery littering slope behind villa

villa-party-2 / Party at the villa

villa-party-3 / Party at the villa

villa-party-4 / Party at the villa

villa-party-5 / Party at the villa

villa-pool / The front view of the villa

villa-porch / The villa people on the back porch

villa-upperpatio / The upper patio of the villa

washed-up / Washed up on the beach near Au Bon Pain, the non-chain bakery

zooko-sameer / Zooko and Sameer on the patio of the villa


Declan McCullagh is a photographer who lives and works in San Francisco, California. His photographs are available for licensing and for purchase as signed custom prints.

Photographs and text are copyright © 1989-2007 by Declan McCullagh. All rights reserved. Privacy policy. General licensing information.

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